Pastor Harold & Maud Weitsz

Harold has been in full-time ministry for well over 25 years. After completing his degree in Psychology and preparing to enter postgraduate studies, he had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. This was to set him on a life-changing journey. He left the world of radio and television where he had been broadcasting for 16 years and entered into the full-time ministry with his wife Maud and four children. He is Senior Pastor of Little Falls Christian Centre and has seen the church grow to several thousand members. With a tremendous team of full-time ministers, the local church to date has planted over 20 churches and almost as many Bible Colleges, both locally and abroad. Harold is also the founder of Five-Fold Ministries International with approximately 75 churches and ministries affiliated to him. His vision and passion are to get the message of the Kingdom of God spread as far abroad as possible, raising and inspiring as many leaders to follow this pursuit. Harold often quotes Matt 6:33 which he will tell you is one of his favourite scriptures in the Bible and his life's verse.

Maud is married to Pastor Harold Weitsz, and as his wife is involved in all the positions held by her husband. She is an authority on the Old Testament and an invaluable Lecturer at the Bible College where she teaches numerous subjects. Her life and testimony as an exceptionally wise person makes her a much-loved person and Lecturer. She is also a highly-respected leader in church circles.

In Harold's free time he is an avid wildlife photographer. He has given his photos to his daughter and they are available for purchase through Smugmug and her Photography Website.

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